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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss

What is a wage theft check?

Wage theft check and wages recovery calculator pay slip and moneyIf you suspect your employer is not paying you your proper wages and entitlements, we can do a WAGE THEFT CHECK.

For a small fee, we will contact your employer and access your pay records.

Our team of specialist forensic analysts will then crunch the numbers and calculate exactly how much you are owed.

Modern awards

Minimum Wage Word Cloud Minimum wage outlined in modern awards or agreementsMost Australian employees work under a modern awards which detail your minimum legal rate of pay and other allowances and benefits that you are entitled to.

Our team has a detailed understanding of modern awards and have extensive experience checking everything from hourly rates, overtime rates, penalty rates, loadings, special allowances and your superannuation.

Rest assured, we will find every last cent that you are owed.

We can take immediate action

Money with court gavel wage theft check wages recoveryRecent changes to legislation have made wage theft a crime in Queensland and Victoria.

The changes also make it cheaper, easier and quicker for workers in those states to recover stolen wages.

We will not hesitate to file a wages claim in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission or other relevant court or commission in your state on your behalf.

We will also not hesitate to escalate the matter to the Industrial Magistrates Court where employers can face penalties in addition to being ordered to back-pay workers.

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LAST UPDATED: April 2022

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