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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss

Sussan Accused Off Ripping Off Workers | News

Fashion retail chain Sussan is being accused of ripping off workers by directing them to start work 15 minutes before their rostered shift without paying them.

Uber Eats Drivers Have Their Wages Slashed | News

Australian Uber Eats drivers say their earnings have been slashed by 50 per cent thanks to a new algorithm being used by the company which they claim favours bicycle and scooter riders.

How Does Wage Theft Happen In Australia? | Explainer

Wage theft is the systematic underpayment of a worker’s wages.  WATCH to find out how it happens, what your rights are, and how you can go about recovering stolen wages in Australia.

Wage Theft Check | Client Instructions

So, you’ve signed up for a Wage Theft Check.  Here’s what to expect next.

Are You Owed Money? | Find Out With A Wage Theft Check

Are you being paid your proper wages and entitlements?  What about your penalty rates?  Are you made to work endless hours of unpaid overtime?  You may be the victim of wage theft.  Find out with a WAGE THEFT CHECK.

Queensland Nurse Sued For Overpayment | News

Retired intensive care nurse Kay Boisen is being sued by her former employer, Queensland Health, for an alleged overpayment of long service leave entitlements.  The department has commenced legal action to recover $40,000 it says that Ms Boisen owes.  WATCH how the Nurses’ Professional Association of Queensland plans to fight the case on behalf of Kay.

MasterChef Winner Wants Wage Theft Criminalised

MasterChef Australia winner Adam Liaw has spoken out about the George Calombaris wage theft scandal.

Wage Theft Inspectors Target West End In Brisbane

The Fair Work Ombudsman says Brisbane’s popular West End food precinct is the third most complained about suburb in the country for wage theft.  Inspectors are conducting surprise time and wage audits of more than 50 outlets in the area.

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