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Work Experience, Internships & Vocational Placements

If you are doing unpaid work experience, or an internship, or if you are on a vocational placement, you should only be observing, or learning or being trained.

The minute you start doing work that is benefiting the business, then you probably should be paid as an “employee”.

The unpaid work experience, internship or vocational placement should only be for short period of time, lasting no more than a few weeks.

A vocational placement must be organised through your university, college, TAFE or training organisation, and must be a requirement of you completing the course.


As a volunteer, you don’t have to be paid, even though you are doing work that is benefiting someone else such as a church, sporting club or charity.

If you are a volunteer you don’t have any obligation to turn up to work, or perform work, and you don’t expect to be paid for that work.

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