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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss
KFC Facing Wage Theft Class Action Over Missed Breaks

KFC facing wage theft class action over missed breaks

KFC is facing a wage theft class action over allegations the company failed to provide mandatory 10-minute breaks to staff.

The majority of those allegedly affected are under the age of 24.

KFC facing wage theft class action

Shine Lawyers in addition to the Retail and Fast-Food Workers Union are both running the wage theft class action.

It alleges KFC systematically failed to provide meal breaks to tens of thousands of former and also current staff members.

Exterior KFC store

KFC allegedly failed to provide meal breaks to tens of thousands of former and also current staff members.

Vulnerable young workers

One such worker is Lily O’Sullivan who told her story to

She worked at a KFC outlet in NSW’s Illawarra region between 2019 and 2020 and claims her boss denied her breaks when she asked to take them.

“It was shut down so swiftly that after chatting to colleagues, I quickly realised it wasn’t something I could ask for again,” she said.

Vicky Antzoulatos, from Shine Lawyers, described the affected workers as “vulnerable”.

“Many of these workers were just kids facing tough working conditions, who would not have had the confidence or knowledge to speak up and demand the breaks they were owed,” she said.

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Seek expert advice

Meanwhile, employment law expert Miles Heffernan said class actions are not always the best way to recover stolen wages. 

“Class actions work on an opt-out basis,” he said

“That means if you receive an email from a law firm telling you they are launching a class action, you have to respond by opting-out.”

Mr Heffernan advised workers who receive a notice about a class action to seek urgent independent advice.

“Sometimes it’s better to file your own claim with your own representatives,” he said.

Recently, workers from a service station chain claimed they were ripped off by a wage theft class action run by Adero Law.

The firm sought $70 million in compensation, however, finally settled for just $5.8 million.

Even the judge in the case criticised the “modest” amount of the settlement.

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