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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss
Fair Work Ombudsman Accused Of Running ‘foot Massage Department’

Fair Work Ombudsman accused of running ‘foot massage department’

The Fair Work Ombudsman has been accused of running a ‘foot massage department’ by an employment law expert.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan expressed his frustrating at the workplace regulator for entering into “warm and fuzzy” agreements with employers who engage in wage theft.

“They’re called Enforceable Undertakings, and they essentially let employers who underpay their staff escape legal action,” he said.

“It’s Fair Work’s job to enforce workplace laws, not offer a foot massage service to greedy bosses.”

Business gets foot massage treatment

Recently, Fair Work entered into an Enforceable Undertaking (EU) with Flavours Fruit and Veg, instead of taking court action.

The Melbourne-based company failed to pay proper wages and entitlements to a number of staff.

It also failed to maintain proper pay slip and employment records.

Under the terms of the EU signed in May last year, Flavours Fruit and Veg promised to conduct a number of reviews into pay practices.

The review had the potential to uncover additional wage theft.

However, Flavours Fruit and Veg failed to live up to its end of the bargain.

As a result, Fair Work is now seeking orders to force the company to comply with the EU.

“Fair Work should have commenced legal action against this company from the outset,” Mr Heffernan said. 

“Now they’re playing catch-up, and meanwhile, other dodgy employers continue to steal their workers’ wages with impunity.”

miles heffernan accuses fair work ombudsman of foot massage department wage theft underpayments Enforceable Undertakings

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan has accused Fair Work of running a ‘foot massage department’

Company that stole $1.2 million gets foot massage treatment

Fair Work previously entered into a EU with foreign currency exchange company UAE Exchange.

The company had stolen a staggering $1.2 million in wages from its employees.

The wage theft included making illegal deductions from worker’s pay packets to balance tills at the end of the day’s trade.

“Any company that engages in blatant and deliberate wage theft such as making unlawful deductions should be hauled before the courts,” Mr Heffernan said.

“Instead, the regulator tells them to back-pay what they owe, and carry on – without any real penalty.”

Fair Work Ombudsman offers Enforceable Undertaking wage theft underpayments foot massage departmentNEXT READ  Horticulture

“Another company guilty of wage theft avoids court action”

Ombudsman denies footage massage claim

Meanwhile, Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker defended the use of EUs.

“When a company accepts responsibility for breaching the Fair Work Act and agrees to fix the harm, we can accept a written undertaking outlining their breaches and steps they will take to comply with their workplace obligations,” she said.

“Enforceable Undertakings allow the Fair Work Ombudsman to achieve quick outcomes such as back payments for all affected workers that may not be possible through the litigation process.”

The Federal Circuit Court will hear the Flavours Fruit and Veg case next month.

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