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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss
Domino’s Still Ripping Off Workers While CEO Gets Paid $36.8 Million

Domino’s still ripping off workers while CEO gets paid $36.8 million

Domino’s is still ripping off its workers, while its CEO collects a $36.8 million annual salary.

A recent audit of 33 outlets found most failed to pay lawful wages and keep accurate employment records.

Meanwhile, company boss Don Meij collects an eye-watering annual salary of $36.8 million – the highest paid CEO in the country.

Domino’s still ripping off workers

The Fair Work Ombudsman conducted the recent audits of Domino’s stores in in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The compliance operation happened as a result of wage theft complaints from workers.

Inspectors found the take-away outlets underpaid 20 workers a total of $1,978 in just one month.

Furthermore, many of the stores failed to pay delivery allowances and leave entitlements in addition to making unauthorised deductions from workers’ wages.

Inspectors subsequently issued four Compliance Notices and 17 formal cautions.

Franchisors liable for underpayments

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan said recent changes to legislation means a franchisor like Domino’s is now legally responsible for a franchisee’s workplace breaches.

“Domino’s clearly has problems with its systems and training or its business model,” he said.

“There is no excuse for a multi-million dollar company like that to allow their operators to breach workplace laws on such a large scale.”

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Don Meij should be ‘ashamed and embarrassed’

Mr Heffernan said the fast food takeaway sector is rife with wage theft.

“I’m sure Mr Meij expects to receive his full wage every month, well so do the workers in his stores,” he said.

“It’s a bit rich that he gets paid so much money, yet his hard working employees miss out on what they are lawfully owed. He should feel ashamed and embarrassed because the buck stops with him.”

Meanwhile, Fair Work says it will plan further unannounced audits of Domino’s outlets in the coming 12-months.

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