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Fighting For Australian Workers Who Have Had Their Wages Stolen By Their Boss
Are You Owed Money?  Find Out With A WAGE THEFT CHECK

Are you owed money? Find out with a WAGE THEFT CHECK

A new service to help workers find out if they are owed wages and entitlements has been launched by

It’s called a WAGE THEFT CHECK, and is designed to quickly and easily establish cases of wage theft, so employees can go about recovering money that is owed to them.

Small fee to crunch the numbers and provide report

For a small fee, will formally request a worker’s pay records, and then its team of specialist analysts will crunch the numbers to calculate any underpayments, including penalty rates, overtime, loadings, allowances and superannuation.

Workers will then be provided with a report, detailing exactly how much they are owed, and advice on how to go about recovering the money.

80 calls a week about wage theft

Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at he was proud to offer the new service.

“We get up to 80 calls a week from workers who believe they have been ripped off by their boss, so this is a quick and easy way for us to do the numbers and, provide them with some advice about how to go about recovering what they are owed,” he said.

“If a client wants us to take further legal action on their behalf to recover their wages, we are also available to offer those services too.”

Wage theft rife in many industries

Wage theft is rife in many industries, in particular the hospitality, fast food and retail sectors where its estimated that one in two workers is not paid legal wages.

“Unfortunately many workers are being ripped off by their boss, and many feel they can’t do anything about it – and that’s why we’ve introduced the Wage Theft Check,” Mr Heffernan said.

“For a small fee, we’ll do all the hard work negotiating with the employer, and we’ll do all the complicated calculations, and then give the worker a report at the end of the process advising them how they can go about getting their money back.” is offering a $299 Wage Theft Check.

Workers miss out on money doing their own calculations

Mr Heffernan said that employees who do their own pay calculations often don’t know the specifics of the Award that they work under, and don’t know how to correctly apply penalty rates, allowances and loadings, and as a consequence, miss out on money they are rightfully owed.

“Our team of specialists has a detailed knowledge of Modern Awards, so our clients can be sure that we will find every last cent they are owed, whether it’s overtime, a special loading or an allowance for clothing or a meal break,” he said.

$1.8 million in wage theft recovered

In the past two years, has recovered $1.8 million in wage theft for its clients.

Mr Heffernan recently gave evidence to the Queensland government inquiry into wage theft.

“Wage theft is a scourge on the Australian workforce, and it should not happen, but unfortunately, there are greedy bosses out there who think it’s okay to steal from their workers,” Mr Heffernan said.

“I’d encourage any employee who believes they have not been paid their correct wages and entitlements to get in touch with us, and we’ll do a Wage Theft Check, and work towards getting them their money back.”

For more information about our WAGE THEFT CHECK, please call our specialist team on

1300 1 THEFT (1300 184 338)

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